Anil Agarwal's billion woes of Vedanta


Anil Agarwal's resource empire is facing yet another dilemma as Vedanta faces a payment calendar that may require some juggling. Dividend draining and refinancing; the playbook is the same for Vedanta but the global landscape is very different. Will the billion-dollar repayment throw up a billion other issues plaguing Vedanta? Cash crunch to corporate governance, shareholder pushback to promoter debt...Why does Vedanta hurtle from one crisis to another? Host Arijit Barman digs deep into the metal & mining empire.

In this episode, we spoke to:
- Prashanth Kota, Lead Analyst -Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd, who has a buy call on Vedanta and does not expect a hurdle in repayment.
- J N Gupta, Proxy Advisor and Managing Director - Stakeholders Empowerment Services, raises governance concerns and the lack of a true 'independent' and vocal board.
- Kiran Somvanshi: The Economic Times, a regular host with The Morning Brief brings up the FEG issues with Vedanta,. Financial, Environmental and Governance.

Credits: CNBC-TV18 News 1, CNBC-TV18 News 2 and CNBC-TV18 News 3 

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