The Hard Battle for Soft Drinks


The furious rivalry between the two American titans, Pepsi and Coca-Cola who have ruled the cola sector in India since early 1990: with broad liberalization measures, has now acquired a new zing, and this time it appears fiercer than ever. RIL has brought back the Indian old-school brand Campa Cola and Sosyo to the Indian market. Reliance's arrival has created quite a stir in the soft-drink industry. Can Reliance do a Jio-like disruption in India's cola war? Why have distributors raised the alarm about ongoing price wars? Will Campa be able to compete in the modern cola war? What lies beyond Reliance's FMCG move in 2023? Host Ratna Bhushan talks to Arnab Roy, Vice President, Marketing - Coca‑Cola India and South West Asia, Rohit Ohri - Chairman & CEO - FCB India and Dhairyashil Patil, National President - The All India Consumer Products Distributors Federation. Credits: Campa Cola old ad, Campa Cola new ad, Pepsi Shahrukh and Sachin ad, Thumbs up Akshay ad, Aamir Coca Cola ad, Aamir Pepsi ad and Pepsi Nothing Official about it ad.

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