ESOP Fables: Risks and Rewards


Employee stock ownership plans, or ESOPs, have played a key role in the Indian startup sector. But while some employees have been able to build wealth through ESOPs, others have seen little success with this tool. ESOPs can be a great way to attract and retain talent, and to incentivize employees to work hard for the company's success. However, ESOPs also come with risks. Risks that are associated with the valuation of the startup. In this episode of The Morning Brief, Mugdha Variyar and Prachi Verma talk to employees who have had different experiences with ESOPs. They get industry perspective from Kallan H, Vice President: Head - Talent Acquisition - Elevation Capital; Ashu Malhotra, Chief Human Resources Officer - RNM India, and Shankar Krishnamurthy, Associate Director, Product Management - Betterhalf. Tune in!

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