BabyBus: Is the TikTok for Toddlers gobbling your personal data?


Letting your child play with educational apps while you finish chores seems like a win-win. But what if those ‘fun’ & ‘entertaining’ games were secretly collecting your private information? That's the unsettling truth behind BabyBus, a popular Chinese app developer among kids, as a recent data privacy report highlighted. BabyBus apps have been labelled as among the most "data hungry" in the world. So, how did they skip the ban list after TikTok? And what exactly is at stake when it comes to data collection, especially by foreign companies? Dia Rekhi in conversation with Glenn S. Gerstell - Former General Counsel of the National Security Agency, and Kanishk Gaur, Cyber Security Expert and Founder - India Future Foundation in the latest episode of The Morning Brief podcast. Tune in! Credits: BabyBus - Kids Songs and Cartoons, ABC News, NEWS CENTER Maine, WION, PIX11 News and WRAL. 

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