People Power


While 2021 challenged humanity, tune into the stories of the human spirit that brought out the strongest in us

Year-ender series Theme Four: While 2021 challenged humanity, it also brought out the strongest in us: from the sheer wave of altruism during the second Covid wave, to the gritty farmers' protests, to a fresh vigour in shareholder activism, the year gave a new meaning to people power.

Dia Rekhi talks to JN Gupta, founder of Stakeholder Empowerment Services, Megha Marik, research fellow at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and several Covid heroes to bring you some of the best stories of the human spirit from 2021. Credits: NDTV, Hindu Businessline, CNBC TV18, Business Standard, BBC, Mojo Story, CNN-News18, India Today, Indiatimes, DW News, NBC News

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