Lethal Liquor Part-2: Raisen’s Children with Melting Hands


In the second part of this eye-opening episode of The Morning Brief, we delve into the disturbing case of child labor at Som Distilleries in Madhya Pradesh. Around 100 minors worked 12-hour shifts in hazardous conditions, disguised in school uniforms and exposed to harmful chemicals, until a government rescue intervened. Shockingly, operations resumed shortly after suspension. Why did local authorities fail to protect these children? What happens to the victims now? And what does this incident reveal about the glaring gaps in India’s child protection laws? Join Anirban Chowdhury as he investigates these urgent questions and uncovers the truth behind this egregious violation of children's rights with Manish Sharma, director, Bachpan Bachao Andolan, activist & lawyer Bhuwan Ribhu, Priyank Kanoongo, chairman NCPCR, and Abhijit Agrawal, excise commissioner of MP.

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