Rewriting India's Toy Story


What should the world’s most populous country, with more than a fifth of its people aged below 10 have? A huge toy market. But despite a large customer base and deals like Reliance’s purchase of toy giant Hamley’s, we are still a hundredth of the global toy market. Two reasons: unorganised players account for most of the market and the organised players’ have always sold mostly imported toys. The government is trying to change this by stifling imports, especially from world no. 2 China, and incentivising local toy makers. Schools are encouraging toys in their curriculum, parents are looking for more educational toys and startups are rushing to fill that demand. Host Shabori Das explores the current landscape and future prospects with Ashwini Kumar of Smartivity Labs, Disha Katharani of Imagimake, and Jeswant R of Funskool India in this episode of The Morning Brief podcast. Tune in!

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