Brand Battles: Locals Vs The Giants


The Indian consumer market is seeing a dynamic shift, with the resurgence of local brands as formidable challengers to industry giants like Tata, Britannia, HUL and Nestle. Data from Kantar's Brand Footprint report showcases local brands like Sargam, Vidisha and Bhagwati making remarkable leaps in consumer brand rankings, shaking up the nearly $180 billion FMCG market. Karnataka-based brand Teju Masala, for example, has grown 65% in one year. But, what are these local brands doing differently? Should the biggies be threatened? Host Ratna Bhushan explores the ambitions of these challengers with K Ramakrishnan of Kantar, Sumit Aggarwal of Vitrak ExtendReach, and Girjesh Rungta of Rungta Tea in this episode of The Morning Brief. Tune in!

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