Online Game Play: Centre vs States & The Thriving Illegals


Rajeev Chandrasekhar a former telecom tycoon from the early 2000s turned politician who is well aware of the fractious relationship between the state and private enterprises, is now, as a minister, trying to play referee in another equally high stakes match involving a sector that is perceived to be a problem child to many and therefore has often been at logger heads with the taxman, regulators, politicians and the policymakers – online gaming. Last week he tried to bring in some semblance of sanity by notifying new online gaming rules through amendments to the IT Act… Industry calls it pathbreaking yet states like Tamil Nadu opted for an outright ban within a day of the Centre's notification. Yet in this ongoing chaos, the real illegal sites still run amok, despite an all out crackdown. Jay Sayta, Gaming & Technology Lawyer, Sarah Ramanauskas, Partner, Gaming Integrity, and Trivikraman Thampy, Founder-CEO, Games24x7 join host Arijit Barman to download the changing game scape while retired Madras High Court judge K. Chandru argues why a ban is not a bane.

Credit: Parimatch India, CNBC-TV1, Campaign India, Hyvestudio, 

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